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Private vs. Municipal Cemetery

“Blythefield is beautiful, but can I afford it?” 

“I can get you a cemetery plot for as little as $75.”

Have you heard this from a funeral director or maybe a well meaning, but ill-informed busybody?   Have you ever wondered why someone would suggest a subpar, under-maintained burial ground even though they are selling a casket for several thousand dollars?

Well, the answer might surprise you and as you probably may guess, it involves money.  Ironically, a funeral home will make more money selling merchandise intended for a cheap, tax subsidized cemetery than on merchandise destined for a pricier, but private cemetery.  

Funeral homes generate revenue on all types of burial services, whether they actually are providing them or not, and unfortunately, the cut of the pie is generally larger at a municipal cemetery than a private cemetery like Blythefield Memory Gardens.

It’s true, it costs more to be buried at Blythefield Memory Gardens than it does at a municipal cemetery.  However, much the same as private housing is typically better than government housing, a private family owned cemetery is almost always better maintained than a public municipal cemetery.

Why you ask?  It’s simple.  Most municipalities are running deficits and cemetery maintenance is way down on the list of budget priorities.

If you want to have a beautiful place to remember those loved ones who have passed, remember, you normally get what you pay for, and cheap is never a good choice.  Don’t be swayed simply because a funeral director says the better option is a municipal cemetery.  This is a terrible cost to pay so that someone can increase their profit margins.

We invite you to contact us directly at 616.866.2666 to discuss your burial options.  We are always here to truthfully answer any and all questions you may have ranging from pre-planning services to time of need options.