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Mausoleums & Columbariums

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At Blythefield Memory Gardens, our mausoleum and columbarium entombment options offer a final resting place of peace, serenity, and beauty. 

Crafted from solid granite, our mausoleums and cremation columbariums offer burial options for both traditional and cremation burials.

Private & Community Buildings

From cremation niches in our beautiful community columbariums to our private estate mausoleums, at Blythefield Memory Gardens, we have a burial option to fit your final needs and wishes.

Single and Family Options

With single and family mausoleums available for either traditional or cremation burial, we truly can cater to any of your burial needs and wishes. We invite you to contact us at 616.866.2666 to discuss your burial needs or feel free to request a consult to schedule a meeting with one of our caring, compassionate family counselors.

Blythefield Memory Gardens, much more than your typical cemetery…