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Girl and Boy Scouts Annual Flag Placements 2017

Thursday May 25 2017 - 4:45PM

Spring is here! We will be hosting our local Boy and Girl Scout troops at the cemetery grounds to have our annual Flag Placement. This will take place on May 25th, 2017 at 4:45 PM. This event is one that we at Blythefield Memory Gardens look forward to every year. We believe that it is so important to involve our younger generations in celebrating and honoring our brave veterans that have sacraficed so much so that we can have the abundant freedoms we enjoy today. There will be refreshments and a cookout for the scouts! Other volunteers for grave flag placements are welcome. Contact our office 616.866.2666 if you are in need of further information. 


Memorial Day Activities 2017


Hospitality Tent

May 25th - May 29th 2017 we will have our hospitality tent with refreshements and flowers for memorials available for purchase. 


Annual Memorial Day Celebration 

Monday 05/29/2017- 11:30 AM at Blythefield Memory Gardens

On Monday, May 29th we will be holding our annual Veterans' Memorial Day service at 11:30 AM at the center of The Apostles Garden. Opening Prayer, Rockford Vet Post, Voices of Freedom Accapella Vocal Group, Featured Speaker, Reading of Names deceased since last Memorial Day, Closing Prayer and more signing. There will be a refreshment tent available after the ceremony!

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a great ceremony in honor of those who have served our beautiful country!

Artificial Spring flowers are available for sale at our our office.

Free maps of burial spaces for the gardens are available